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what we offer.


This is our standard SWET session. You'll be in a room by yourself for the ultimate YOU time.


For you & a friend!

You will enjoy your SWET session in your own personal pod, but you'll be right next to your best friend! This is a great option for couples! 


Cold Plunge

A cold plunge, is when you immerse yourself in extremely cold water. For 30 seconds-8 minutes (or as long as you can handle!)

During your SWET session, you'll be asked to choose a color for your pod to accompany your experience.

This is called CHROMOTHERAPY. 

Chromotherapy uses wavelengths of color light to positively alter the biochemistry of the body & promote deep healing.

In essence, this is just the extra step we provide to make your infrared sauna experience more effective!

Heres what each color means: 

RED - burns fat, activates the circular & nervous systems

ORANGE - strengthens the body, acts on any internal issues 

YELLOW - purifies the skin, helps with indigestion & body distress

GREEN - provides regenerative stimulation, anti-infectious & anti-septic

AQUA - acts as a nerve relaxant, stimulates muscle/skin cells & the nervous/circulatory systems

BLUE - lubricates the joints; helps with infections, stress, &nasal bleeds

VIOLET - relaxes the lymphatic system, helps with inflammation & urinary illness

PURPLE - acts a cleanser, strengthens the veins & arteries

PINK - activates & eliminates impurities from the blood stream

WHITE - clarifying to the mind

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